“Thank you for one great journey. Thank you for showing us what we can do as leaders. You have definitely inspired me to change as a person. You have not failed to give us the message. This was really a life-changing experience and is also a real inspiration for us to serve.”

– Jam-jam

“Thank you for enlightening our minds and hearts with life, reality, nationalism and leadership. Before, I’ve always been the follower. But after today, I’ve become more confident with myself to help others and contribute my ideas with them.”

 – Camille Illastron

“I am grateful for having attended this seminar. It was not only informative but also an eye-opener. I have learned so many things I couldn’t learn just everyday and any day. You have successfully combined learning with fun.”

 – Karl Chan

“Thank you for enhancing our strengths and minds about leadership… Don’t worry, I can help make our nation a better place to live in. You opened my heart and taught me to speak out and be a leader.”

– Dee

“Thank you… This seminar opened my mind to new things and this could probably change my future for the better.”

 – Joseph Joshua Tee

“You truly inspired us to become a more useful individual in our nation… We’ll never forget this inspiring yet fun workshop with you.”

– Reena Que